Mint-X 30 Gallon Rodent Repellent Trash Bag


Ideal for your outdoor needs, our trash bags with a patented mint scent are proven effective at keeping rodents, raccoons and squirrels from ripping through your garbage. Mint-Flex strengths, anywhere food or waste is thrown out, Mint-X should be used.

  • Superior strength & durability for all weather conditions
  • 30-gallon outdoor can capacity in various box counts
  • Improves overall pest management for your home or commercial space

Mint-X Rodent Repellent Technology is EPA-Registered for effectively repelling rodents, raccoons and squirrels from your trash.


The Protective Power of Mint

We believe wildlife belongs in the wild, not your trash. Mint-X®’s patented Rodent Repellent Technology is a humane, safe solution to the problem of foraging rodents, raccoons and squirrels. We only use the highest-quality mint essential oils that work to naturally and effectively keep pesky wildlife out of your trash. Our Indoor and Outdoor trash bags are 100% chemical-free, so you never have to worry about toxins or other harmful ingredients around your loved ones, including your pets.

Look for our trash bags with Mint-Flex Technology for superior strength, stretch and durability. Available at retailers nationwide in both Kitchen and Outdoor bag sizes and counts to meet all your needs throughout your home or building.

  • Keeps pests from ripping through your trash
  • Mint-Flex stretch, strength & durability
  • Neutralizes odors with pleasant mint scent
  • Completely chemical & toxin-free
  • Improves overall pest management
  • Made from 100% natural food grade essential oils


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