Goddard’s 707184 Silver Polish, 7 fl oz., Professional Formula


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Manufacturer NORTHERN LABS
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  • ALL-IN-ONE CLEANSER – Goddard’s Silver Polish Liquid is an all-in-one cleanser designed to clean, shine, and protect all silver products, including jewelry, accessories, plated wares, and other home items. It removes the grime and dirt from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, serving trays, tea sets, candlesticks, utensils, and other silver surfaces.
  • TOUGH STAIN REMOVER – Tarnishing occurs in sterling silver and low-purity silverwares due to natural oxidation. With Goddard’s Silver Polish Liquid, you’ll no longer have dull and dirty silver, as this tough stain remover can easily dissolve a silver’s tarnish in an instant.
  • QUICK-SHINE FORMULA – Restore your precious silver in no time with this silver liquid polish. It features a quick-shine formula that refurbishes your silver, returning its natural gleam and shine. Goddard’s helps maintain your silver’s lustrous beauty.
  • EASY TO USE – You don’t have to pay for a professional silverware cleaner-with Goddard’s, you can polish your silver yourself. This polisher doesn’t require rubbing or buffing since it instantly dissolves tarnish and dirt in one easy step. Simply apply the polish with a clean, soft cloth until all tarnish is gone. Then, allow the polish to dry and wipe the silver with a clean, soft cloth. For ornate silver, rinse the polish off with a wet sponge and let it dry.
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION – Goddard’s has over 170 years of experience in the polishing business. This polish not only restores silver pieces to their original state-it also provides long-lasting protection as it fights off tarnish and other forms of deterioration. This 7-oz product, which is certified Kosher and made in the U.S., is guaranteed to be worth your money.
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About Us

Originally founded in Leicester, England, Goddard’s fine cleaners and polishes are used by professionals, museums and estates around the world. They have found that there are no other products that shine and protect their valued belongings like Goddard’s.

Today’s consumers can get those same time-tested formulas for their valuable, or simply valued, possessions. Goddard’s uses the finest natural ingredients. No harsh abrasives or chemicals. And Goddard’s protects metal, wood, stone and glass surfaces with natural sealants that keep a long-lasting shine.

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